Result in full screen?

Having a surface Pro, and a wireless connection at work, LINQPad is once again showing its strengths.
However, this use quickly uncovered a new caveat. I would like to execute a query and hand the device over to someone who can look at the output window. The touch interface is not optimal for quick resizing of the result window. Sometimes they are confused by the LINQPad UI (when they should be looking at the result pane only). Sometimes they fat finger it, especially when the device is passed from one individual to another) accidentally jumping to another query and such.

Is it possible to have a full sceen mode of the result window which is suitable for non-LINQPad users to browse the results?

The result output can often be lengthy. In time, it would also be cool if LINQPad result window would offer a navigatable table of contents in a left pane. The name of the chapters/sections could the input string to the Dump() command.


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