Purchase with PayPal is available?

It can be very helpfull to me.


  • I have the same problem - I cancelled my credit card years ago because I never needed it and PayPal works almost always. In fact, in recent years the only thing that I could not do via PayPal was paying the annual Delphi extortion^Wsubscription fee to Embarcadero, but that can be done by intra-European wire transfer.

    As a long-time LINQPad user I feel sort of restless as long as I haven't added LINQPad 7 Premium to my tool belt (currently using 5 and 6.15). ;-)

  • I've sent you a PM with a link to enable PayPal.

  • Thank you for your quick help! And I'll try to do better next time - the objective is to remunerate you for your amazing work, not to subsidise extortionate business practices by near-monopolies like PayPal.

    And also thank you for making such an amazing product in the first place. For me the biggest draw of C# is not so much that language and libraries offer somewhat fewer WTF?! moments than Java and its libraries (which is undoubtedly true) but the double whammy of LINQPad and JetBrains Rider. Java's IntelliJ may be a tick better than Rider is for C#, but Java has nothing comparable to LINQPad, and that's the killer. In fact, no other language or platform that I've ever seen has anything even remotely comparable to LINQPad. JPad was a good start but it seems to have died before it really got off the ground.

    Ever since I started learning C# LINQPad has been indispensable; I kept it when I honed my skills on HackerEarth, and I'm still using it almost daily at work and at home. The thing that enables the unique LINQPad work style is having a well-fed, well-structured directory tree on the left side where every idea/experiment is a separate script (and vice versa), and the seamless transition from single expression over a couple of statements to a full-blown program that could be compiled with something like Mono if need be. The unique dumping capability is the third essential ingredient to getting ideas tried out, APIs investigated and work done much faster than would be possible with any other tool.


  • Hello, is purchasing with Paypal still an option? I don't own a credit card unfortunately.

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