"File not found" in Results on first run of a script

I am not 100% sure as to when this starts to happen to me, but I believe it may be temporary file related, as I usually notice it start to happen after I have CCleaner delete temporary files (but not always, I've found). It doesn't happen if I close LINQPad and then start it up again. I was having this problem with LINQPad 6 and still have it with LINQPad 7 as well.

What happens is that if I load up an existing script or create a new one, then go to run the script, if it has output in Results, I'll see a File not found page come up with ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND as the error at the bottom. I also get a LINQPad error dialog box that has the exception of System.InvalidOperationException and when I click on the details, it says Unable to access HTML DOM [1,false].. However, once I run the same script again, the output shows up in Results just fine. I have submitted the error via the error dialog box but I wanted to bring it up here as well just in case.


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