LINQPad 5 hangs for 10+ seconds on keypress when loading intellisense drop-down

My copy of LinqPad 5 is hanging for a very long time (10 - 20 seconds+++) on every keypress that results in a 'new' intellisense dropdown being loaded.
This happens on all my queries with a large number of using namespaces - if I remove all the F4 references and associated namespaces, the problem goes away. Unfortunately, this is not a viable solution for me, as I need access to the namespaces.
Please note - I am not talking about monstrous numbers here such as millions - Only 50 references or so, and maybe 100 namespaces probably resulting in a few thousand visible items. Realistically this should not be a problem.

The issue seems to occur on a native call to SendMessage, so my educated guess is some kind of O(n^2) issue or similar when calling SendMessage to the new intellisense dropdown once for every visible item, but this is just a massively wild guess.

It is also possible that my copy of Windows is responding more slowly to the SendMessage call than would be expected, but even if this is the case, my other applications are (mostly) very responsive, so there should certainly be a workaround or alternative way of doing things that does not result in the massive lag on every keystroke.

I have attached the performance log from the LinqPad 'About' page (this is how I see that SendMessage is the culprit).
Any help would be appreciated, whether directly related to LinqPad (I have tried playing with all settings I could think of to no avail), or even to Windows and why the SendMessage call would be taking 10+ seconds to respond.

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