Util.ReadLine and results docked in Second monitor.

Would it be possible/easy for the Util.ReadLine prompt to appear on the same screen as the results are displayed in?

This is a situation that has caught me out lots of times.

I have a loads of scripts which run queries or processes that take a long time and then prompt for input and then continue.

If I happen to have switched a query so that the results are shown in the second monitor, then what happens quite often is the main LinqPad windows get covered by some other window/task, (so that I can do something else whilst the script is running), but at the same time the results are still shown on the second monitor so I can watch its output.

But the Util.ReadLine prompt does not get displayed as it is part of the main window which is hidden behind another window.

So eventually my brain realises that the first part of the query is not actually taking an usually long time, but finished ages ago and the script has been waiting for me the answer the prompt!

The workaround is to make sure I dump some message to the results window before calling ReadLine, but that is the sort of thing I only remember to do after the problem has occurred.

I haven't really thought if there would be any downsides, but just floating the idea.

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