Provider missing for connection to Entity Framework context

I tried to add a new connection in LinqPad 7 to an entity framework data context in a .net 5 assembly. The context is using Devart.Data.MySql.EFCore provider and has a constructor accepting a DbContextOptions<>.
The problem is that the Provider dropdown on the add connection dialogue does not have the devart driver in its list.
How to add it?
I already tried the "View more drivers..." option, but this is only searching for special LinqPad drivers.


  • The option to use a the constructor accepting DbContextOptions supports only the providers listed in the dropdown. You can still use DevArt, but you will need to choose one of the other two options - parameterless contructor or a constructor that accepts a string. Click the "Help me choose" link - this will direct you to an example with constructors that you can copy/paste.

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