why the store procedures have not shown up in your lingpad?

hi, I have a question about your linqpad. why I can not load store procedure to your lingpad.

for example, in Visual studio. I have a AccountingModelContext class.
in the class,

there is one DBSET Accountlists.( it is a table from Sql server database).

there are two store procedure AccountList_GetNumber, AccountList_GetTransactionsDetailByDate.

then, in your lingpad, I add connection, and load this Dll to your linqpad.

but only show the accountlists table out at your left hand toolpanel.
the two store procedures have not shown up.

why the store procedures have not shown up?

public class AccountingModelContext : System.Data.Entity.DbContext
public AccountingModelContext(string connectionString)
: base(connectionString)
{ }

public DbSet AccountLists { get; set; }

public virtual ObjectResult AccountList_GetNumber(string accountType, string accountNumber, string subType)

[EdmFunction("Q6ModelEntities", "AccountList_GetTransactionsDetailByDate")]
public virtual IQueryable AccountList_GetTransactionsDetailByDate(string dtStartDate, string dtEndDate)


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