Stored Procedures with optional parameters

So, I am working on a database that has some massive stored procedures, which have some optional parameters.
for example this one which has about 80 parameters.

CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[EventCreate]
  @EventID INT,
  @OrganisationID INT,
  @Name VARCHAR(256),
  @SubTitle VARCHAR(256) = '',
  @SeasonID INT,
  @StartDate DATETIME,
  @EndDate DATETIME,
  @DateConfirmed BIT = 1,
  @Duration VARCHAR(128),
  @SaleStart DATETIME = NULL,
  @OnlineConfirmation VARCHAR(MAX),

Can I utilize LinqPad to call this procedure omitting the optional parameters?
I've tried to call it with null values,
EventCreate(1, _organizationId, "Title", null, _seasonId, _eventCategory, _startDate, _endDate, null, .....
but that just passes null as values into the procedure.


  • Use named arguments:

    EventCreate (1, _organizationId, "Title", SeasonID:_seasonId, StartDate:_startDate, ...)

    This works because the method that LINQPad generates to call the stored procedure is overloaded. The second overload takes optional arguments of type Optional<T>. Optional<T> is a type defined within LINQPad (with an implicit conversion from T), whose default value tells LINQPad not send that argument to the stored procedure.

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