LINQPad 7 Unable to load service index for source

edited April 12

I'm getting this error when trying F4 to add nuget in Version 7.

Currently, I have to open LINQPad 5 just to add nuget packages I want, save it then open up the script in version 7.
I tried to uninstall that didn't help.


  • As far as I can see, the "GetMethodFromAppDomainStorageOrReflectionOrThrow" method is not part of .NET. If you do an Internet search on this, the only thing that comes up is references to the New Relic profiling API. Is there chance that you're using this?

  • Hi Joe,
    Oh yes, I had NewRelic agent on my machine when I tested capturing log a while ago. Thank you so much for help pointing this out, I removed it and everything works as expected.

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