Using a Typed Data Context without Installing its NuGet Packages?

I've recently started using LinqPad 7 against a .Net Core typed data context. Everything works on my development machine (with an internet connection). If I attempt to use the same typed data context on a production machine (without an internet connection), LinqPad wants to download/install all of the NuGet packages used by the typed data context.

I previously used LinqPad 5 (and an EF standard data context) on the production machine - and LinqPad was 'smart' enough to allow me to reference the NuGet assemblies in the same folder as the typed data context assembly (if needed).

Is there a way to stop LinqPad 7 attempting to download all of the NuGet packages - and using the locally deployed assemblies instead? Note that I do not want to create a local NuGet package cache for all of the packages - most of them will not be used by LinqPad (they are used by the application), and if any are updated in the deployed data context assembly - I will have to add them to the local NuGet cache separately from the application deployment.


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