LINQPad 5.46.00 / Snippets Not Working

https://www.dropbox.com/s/8jzo7awi8dg6vu9/LINQPad Snippets.rar?raw=1

The link above is to a .rar (opens with WinRAR) file full of my snippets. I think that they are pretty cool =)

I just added quite a few of them, and now, for some reason, LINQPad will not allow me to auto-complete my snippets.

I am utilizing LINQPad 5.46.00 and it's activated.

I do not recall exactly which snippet I added when they suddenly stopped working.


Brian Hart


  • update-

    the file snws.snippet was in the folder level above the Visual C# folder. Then, during my snippet-making, i moved the snws.snippet file to be within the Visual C# folder.

    I moved the file back, and now snippets work again. Weird! As a user, the expected behavior is that .snippet files work regardless of where inside the LINQPad Snippets folder they are placed. There seems to be a sensitivity on the part of LINQPad as to precisely where a .snippet file (in the folder tree) is placed.

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