LinqPad for mac idea

edited May 2022

Hello, so far I've been using linqpad 7 beta with crossover with no problems, the only limitation is that I must always use the grid, never the explorer/html results other wise it will for sure crash.

So far the experience I'd say is a 7 out of 10. Thank you @JoeAlbahari

It might be a very farfetched idea / long shot but I was thinking:

Could we decouple the rendering from the actual application? An example could be:

I run the query and dump some results, then I navigate with the actual macos browser to so that I can see the results?

Whenever I rerun the query, the results would update in that browser tab. What do you think?

Thank you!


  • It would be an interesting hack to automate an external browser rather then embedding one. You've have to keep switching between applications, though, which wouldn't be a great experience.

    I know that LINQPad used to work in CrossOver with the embedded IE browser option enabled, but that changed at some point. Maybe something changed in WINE?

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