custom control Gui ( monodevelop, LinQpad ) with LinQpad 5.46.0 ?

edited June 2022

i find on the web this page a tutorial about howto use control with LinQpad 6. I have a look to my LinQpad 5 and don't find in Samples -> LinQPAd tutorial & Reference the items call "LinQPad Controls" !
Does LinQpad 5 support Control ?
Does the Control is part of LinQPad library ( use call Microsoft Form )
Why does some chapters about Control are available for LinQPad 6 and not LinQPad 5 ?

I have WSL2 Ubuntu 20.04 with dotnet, mono jit compiler , monodevelop , gtk.I hope i can use it for code basic GUI, monodevelop has Stetic GUI Builder.Is there some tutorial that show howto use portable managed code ( dll exe) that contain only code for gui create /compile on Ubuntu ( edit in Windows 10 VScode or Ubuntu Monodevelop ) and than can be use in my Windows 10 OS 21H2 with LinQPad 5 ?

I really really love LinQpad


  • I can only answer some of your queries.

    Does LinQpad 5 support Control ?

    Yes. The samples may not be be in the same location, but there are there.

    You can also try Ctrl-Shift-F1 to run the Interactive Regex Evaluator (and Ctrl-R to see the source for this script)

    You can also try running the tiny script at http://share.linqpad.net/2k27oh.linq. If your LinqPad 5 version is too old it will tell you otherwise it will open one of the samples and show you where the others are located.

    Does the Control is part of LinQPad library ( use call Microsoft Form )

    If you are asking if the LinqPad.Controls using System.Windows.Forms, then the answer is no as they are Html controls.

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