Linqpad 7 is noticably slower than Linqpad 5 when starting-up

When I fire-up Linqpad 5 (for .NET Framework 4.8) the splash-screen will show for about 1-2 seconds followed by the main window, which is instantly responsive - this is the same for both AnyCPU and x86 builds.

But when I start Linqpad 7 (for .NET 6) the splash-screen appears for the same amount of time, but when the main window opens it's frozen and unresponsive for about 1-3 seconds before it's ready.

I've verified that my settings/configs in Linqpad 5 and 7 are roughly the same - so there's no immediately obvious reason for the difference (in fact, it's the opposite: my Linqpad 5 has a few saved data connections it loads on startup, while Linqpad 7 has none, and it's still far slower).

I thought .NET 6 was meant to have better startup performance than .NET Fx - is there some other cause?

I hope it's not because of the Results view in Linqpad 7 now using Blink/Chromium instead of MSHTML.dll - but that wouldn't explain the slow startup anyway because the Results view isn't open when Linqpad 7 starts... and Chrome loads instantly from cold-start on my computer anyway...


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