Ctrl+D to duplicate lines is nice, but please add Ctrl+E to delete the current line too

In Visual Studio and other editors/IDEs I have Ctrl+D bound to Duplicate-current-line and Ctrl+E to delete the current line.

I see that LinqPad supports Ctrl+D for duplicating the current line, but it does not have a keyboard command for deleting the current line.

Can you add it quickly to the next build? :)

Also, please add a current-line-outline like VS has - as currently LinqPad 7 only shows a thin caret which can get lost in the noise.


  • Ctrl+L cuts the current line (as in Visual Studio). Ctrl+E activates a chord (also as in Visual Studio) for functions such as format document and comment selection. I can't really change this because some people will be used to using Ctrl+E for these functions.

  • edited July 2022

    I often need to retain my clipboard contents, so using Ctrl+L will overwrite them with the cut line - so that won't work for me, sorry.

    I'm surprised the keyboard commands are fixed - how feasible is it to make them customizable?

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