What does the green arrow in the Debugger breakpoint panel signify?

I am used to seeing the yellow line indicating which line is being executed, but sometimes I also see green arrows and there can be several of them.

My attention was drawn to it because the arrows sometimes point to blank lines or comments line as in the attached screen shot.

I figured out that if the line being executed is, for example, line 53 of a #loaded script, then the yellow arrow will be shown against line 53 of the main script, but I am not sure what the green arrows means or the significance of the various shade of yellow.

This is not causing me a problem so I am just curious.


  • The green arrows show the call stack. I'm not sure why it would be on a blank line.

    After execution moves, the arrows fade rather than disappear, otherwise they can be hard to track.

  • Sorry for stealing the thread, but it can be helpful for people looking for this response, too.

    What's this icon? It happens near lock statement, but also during GroupBy() with ParallelEnumerable / ParallelQuery. Does it mean that the thread is waiting, or is it a deadlock? Maybe we need some tooltips for these icons :)

    Thanks in advance.

  • This icon has a tooltip when the debugger is paused:

    It indicates that another thread is executing that line of code (or is in the thread's call stack).

    Note that when the query is running, you won't be able to Control-click, and the active thread is always the query's main thread.

    These icons are useful because they let you see what worker threads are doing while a query executes. The icons don't change based on whether the thread is running or waiting - although that's probably a feature that could be added.

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