Default examples for Linqpad

Hi everyone,

I was looking for the default examples that ship with LinqPad. I think they were in the default installation folder, but I cannot find them anymore. I'm referring to the "examples from the LINQ Pocket Reference [which] are preloaded into LINQPad" as mentioned here.

Any help is appreciated.


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    Nevermind, answering my own question:

    I got confused as I was looking for them in the "My Queries" tab, and I had changed the default locations for queries on my machine. I thought I needed to look for them in the default location. Not sure where they're saved though.

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    The built-in samples are not materialized to disk, as there are over 600 of them and they can potentially vary with each version of LINQPad. You can access their content programmatically, however, with Util.GetSamples().

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