Can i use linqpad free edition over company's database , is it safe to use ?

What data linqpad collects over databases that are used for querying , ive been asked by our team lead to confirm if any data collection that may broke company policy is done by linqpad .. do anyone have idea on this matter ?


  • @JoeAlbahari "LINQPad sends only a minimal set of data required to reasonably perform the task" this is not clear in my point of view , can u shed some more light , if it collects any such data which may break company data security policy ?.

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    I don't know what your security policy is, however it's very unlikely that there will be an issue. LINQPad free edition contacts a web server to check for and retrieve updates, so the information received by the web server amounts to the LINQPad version that you're running, whether your processor is X64/X86/ARM64, a flag to indicate whether you're on a beta or RTM update stream, and your .NET version.

    It absolutely does not collect information from databases used for querying.

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