Orphaned Intellisense Windows

Sometimes, after re-login on my locked Desktop, there are "orphaned" intellisense windows stuck on the desktop (see screenshot). They are stuck/fixed absolutely on the Desktop and are "always on top" of everything else and independent of the main LinqPad window (which I can move around, even under the stuck intellisense window).

The only way to get rid off them is to close all Linqpad-Instances and re-start them.

Host runtime version: 6.0.11
Default query runtime version: 7.0.0
Default query reference assembly version: 7.0.0
Roslyn Version: 4.3.1-3.22479.18
FSharp.Compiler.Service version:
NuGet client version:
Results rendering engine: Edge Chromium Engine 107.0.1418.42 (WebView2)


  • I have gotten this too, though in my case I've been remoting into the desktop on my ultrawide and using some window management apps and I thought it was a symptom of that. Doesn't happen all the time consistently, but I did see it a lot.

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