LINQPad 4.45.05 freezes for minutes in Windows 8 Pro 64-bit

On a reasonably fast Windows 8 Pro 64-bit installation (8GB RAM, SSD, I7-3537U 2GHz), editing certain queries (but not others) can make LINQPad non-responsive for several minutes at a time. Just positioning the cursor with a mouse click or arrow key can cause this to happen.

There's nothing special about the problem scripts - they're multi-statement SQL Server studies running tens of lines at most. It's only an editing issue, the scripts actually execute successfully. Other, similar scripts don't cause this problem on the same machine.

The problem scripts can be copied to a Windows 7 64-bit machine and edited there without difficulty.

It may be related to IntelliSense/Autocompletion, since the hang seems to occur most frequently at points where suggestions might have been presented (and sometimes they are, after a long wait). However, once the condition has occurred, it is not cured by setting Preferences | Advanced | Show completion list... to false. Maybe just being licensed is enough to trigger frantic IntelliSense rebuilds?

Any solution or workaround will be appreciated.


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