Update LINQPad 5 NuGet Package

edited January 2023


Last night I was trying to migrate some of my extension updates to a package that I've been extracting some of my more used common extensions to when I noticed that some method signatures weren't available in the latest NuGet package. I was hoping you might at least make a 5.46 package to help with that?

As an additional note, that set of extensions is actually for both LINQPad 5 and the newer .NET Core versions (I use newer at home, but at work there's still some libraries I need that require .NET Classic) and it would be a lot easier to make a multi-target package of my own if there was a single package to reference that just provided separate versions for separate TFMs (e.g. if the LINQPad.Runtime package could just add a net46 target with the LINQPad 5 binary in it), rather than having to target separate packages conditionally. Some of this is VS/MSBuild/NuGet's fault, but I had a hard time getting proper multi-targeting to work with the conditions, so I've had to employ some workarounds.


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    I've updated the LINQPad and LINQPad.Runtime NuGet packages to latest.

    Have you tried creating a local NuGet package that depends on both LINQPad and LINQPad.Runtime, with framework conditions on each dependency? If this works, let me know and I'll upload a public package that does the same.

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