[Feature] "Camel Humps" code completion filtering

Hi there! Visual Studio, VS Code, and Rider/Resharper all support filtering by "camel humps" which lets my type something like GBN to filter the autocomplete to show a result GetByName for example. I would love it if LINQPad could implement this as well!

Here are the resharper docs on this feature: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/resharper/Navigation_and_Search__CamelHumps.html


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    This is supported in LINQPad as well. To demonstrate, create a new query and type 'cts'. It should filter to CancellationTokenSource.

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    Ah, yes you are right. It does work when only typing the capitals. This is the scenario I run into a lot:

    In this scenario, I wish it would prioritize CreateScope but still show CreateAsyncScope in the list. If there were a method called CreateXyz I would expect it to be filtered out because it doesn't have a capitol S.

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