Change C# language to prior version

Hi I am using a registered LinqPad7 version which is truly excellent. Is there a way to run programs on earlier language versions? I am doing some code tests for an interview and they are asking for C# 6.0. I want to use Linqpad and have it restrict the language set.



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    There's no mechanism right now to restrict C# features in LINQPad. It could be added, but there hasn't really been a demand.

    FWIW, C# 6 was released back in 2015. There's no reason not to use at least C# 7.3 now, as it supports the same framework versions as C# 6 (including .NET Framework 4.6-4.8).

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    Thanks Joe. It is because I am having to do some Codility tests for an interview and their compiler is fixed at C# 6. For some reason I thought there was a LangVersion directive.
    Still love Linqpad anyway!

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