Is there a way to add virtual navigation properties?

I am connecting to a MSSQL database.

With my own EFCore DbContext I can tell EFCore there are foreign keys even though the foreign key constraints do not exist in the database.

I am not allowed to edit the database. So I would really like to tell my LinqPad connect that my tables have foreign keys so I can leverage navigation properties.


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    Are you aware that LINQPad lets you connect to your own EF Core DbContexts for this purpose?

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    @JoeAlbahari I think so, but doesn't that defeat the point of using LinqPad as a quick tool for interacting with an arbitrary DB in a strongly typed way? If I have to build my entire DB out in POCOs and build my own DbContext doesn't that eat a lot of the value of LinqPad? Would it be possible for Linqpad to generate partial classes so that we may provide another partial class with DataAnnotations over navigation properties?

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