How to disable checking net framework version

Hi. Im using win7 (my notebook not supports win8+). Im using LinqPad v7.5.16 .When im launching the app i get an messagebox about downloading and installing .net 7 and not giving me to enter the app if i press 'No i dont want .net 7' .When im installing net5+ my pc stops working, i mean notebook is stopping working, not reacting to my any command when im trying to use net5 on any app even visual studio, vs code and others. Please help me, how can i disable checking newest .net framework? linqpad have any command line argument to disable checking newest net framework ?


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    edited February 2023

    i installed net core 3.1 sdk and problem is solved (i fixed accidently like this right now)

    • message which i showed in this screenshot, is not helpful.
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    This message appears when LINQPad's launcher or installer is unable to spin up the latest .NET version that you have installed. In your case, it's possible that your .NET 5 installation is corrupt, so LINQPad is unable to use it. The dialog is suggesting installing .NET 7, as this would fix the problem (as would installing .NET 3.1 and uninstalling .NET 5).

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