LINQPad 5 gets activated, but LINQPad 7 doesn't..?

I've created a "golden VMware" image on which I've installed both LP5 and 7. After having activated LP5, the other one (v7) was activated right away, too. So that's fine.

Since I want to use this VM on different hosts and in different linked clones, I found out that the activation got lost after copying over the VM to the other host. I solved that by running the activation as a scheduled task on every logon, by using the following command:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\LINQPad5\LINQPad.exe" -activate=[key]

However, what I see now, is that LP5 does get activated when doing so, but LP7 does not. And I can't activate LP7 manually either. How can this happen? And how can I solve this?


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