[feature request] Non LINQPad Util mode for copy LINQPad code to client

edited February 2023

Dear LINQPad maintainer, I suggest LINQPad provide a No LINQPad Util class mode(can be script level, turned off by default), which disable all LINQPad internal classes like:

  • LINQPad.Util
  • LINQPad.Controls.Button
  • LINQPad.ChartExtensions
  • etc...

Not necessary disable, but can maybe provide a warning in that mode, or given an option to not link to LINQPad.Runtime assembly, so when before I copying my script to client or friend, I should know which part of code is LINQPad specific, then I should do some change or just be aware when send the code to a client or friend. (Yes I aware copy the .linq file is another option)

Just be clear, I love LINQPad and all LINQPad utility, but hopefully I can not necessarily scary my client or friend when passing a unknown class that can't directly compile in Visual Studio LOL.

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