[feature request] Better intellisense in statement-level using and better attributes code hinting

Dear LINQPad maintainer, I request LINQPad try do a better work to existing intellisense/code hint feature.

Code hinting after statement level using

For example, it seems when I type using keyword to create a statement level using, the code hint seems completely not working:

But when I declare the class without using statement, it seems all good:

Code hint in attributes

It seems intellisense in attribute is not working very well, for example, the DllImport constructor is not shown in the case below:

and optional parameters also not provided as like in Visual Studio

And the DllImport not shown automatically when typing Dll:

And after DllImport written, the code hint not provide the using System.Runtime.InteropServices option, instead only provide a full namespace option as shown below(sometimes it's good):

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