Is there a simple way to make two Dump() outputs scroll independ of each others?

I have a scrip that contains various dumped data

  • part 1 contains controls that influence what is dumped in the other part
  • part 2 contains a larger table
    ideally I would want part 2 to be a virtually scrollable table but I will settle for anything that will scroll part 2 separately
    e.g. scroll part 2 to the bottom without part 1 scrolling out of view


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    Not out of the box.

    You could implement this as an extension that uses LINQPad's HTML controls. Here is a simple method that dumps content inside a div with a border:

    void Main()
        object content = "Something you want to dump".Split();
        DumpWithBorder (content);   
    void DumpWithBorder (object content)
        var dc = new DumpContainer (content);
        var div = new LINQPad.Controls.Div (dc);
        div.Styles ["border"] = "black 1px solid";

    You could extend this with multiple DumpContainers and divs, with flexbox styles to achieve the alignment and scrolling that you want.

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