Error trying to create or update an EF Core connection

I have some connections that point to EF Core assemblies in various ASP.NET Core projects, all been working fine for ages.

Just updated an ASP.NET Core project from .NET6 to .NET7, and I want to update the properties of the connection to point at the new assembly. When I right-click the connection and choose Properties, I get two identical pop-ups asking if I would like to install .NET Core (which I have already). If I choose Yes, it doesn't install, but I get the pop-up to report an error instead.

If I try to create a new connection, select the "Entity Framework Core" entry in the typed data context section, then as soon as I click the Next button, I get the same behaviour.

I'm running LinqPad 7.6.6 (x64) Premium Edition on Windows 11 x64.

Anyone any ideas?


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    Hmm, I opened ConnectionsV2.xml in a text editor, corrected the path to the assembly, and it all works fine now.

    Looks like LinqPad throws an exception if it can't find an assembly, even if you're trying to create a new one.

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