Linqpad.exe arguments?

Is it possible to include arguments with -run? Like this:

.\LINQPad7.exe C:\Foo.linq -run -hideeditor -args foo


  • This isn't supported with the GUI, only with LPRun.

  • My workaround to this:

    .\Lprun.exe C:\Foo.linq -args foo
    .\LINQPad7.exe C:\Foo.linq -run -hideeditor

    Code inside Foo.linq checks where it's being called from.

    If from cmd (lprun) then it saves the args to a file only.

    If from LINQPad then it reads args from file only.

    You can wrap both inside a powershell or batch file so you only pass in args.

    FooScript.ps1 foo foo

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