How can I share a nuget source between two users?

I've set up a portable installation of LINQPad on a server (D:\Apps\LINQPad7) and I have two users trying to use the same instance. The first user set up an additional private nuget source that requires a token. The second user can see the additional source in the drop down list but can't use it because the source location returns a 401. It seems that the second user can't decrypt the nuget source password saved by the first user. Is that expected? Are the passwords in NuGetSources.xml encrypted for a specific user or for the machine?


  • The encryption key is per-user (via DPAPI). LINQPad's strategy of storing encrypted passwords in files doesn't work when the files are used on different machines. The same issue occurs with database connections that require passwords.

    I'd like to change to using LINQPad's Password Manager, although this will require some planning and might have to wait until LINQPad 8.

  • Hi Joe, thanks for clarifying that. I wasn't referring to the passwords stored in the password manager (although I'll have to deal with those as well) but I'm guessing the password (or token) used to access a private nuget source is stored encrypted in the same manner, right?

    For my current use case, I don't need the file to work on different machines but it would be nice if I could save a nuget source (and passwords in the Password Manager) for all users on that same machine. I think the DPAPI offers a way to encrypt things per machine so any user could decrypt it on the same machine, doesn't it?

    The general idea is that I'm trying to set up all the configuration that's needed as my own user but the scripts will then run as a service user. I'd like to not have to log in as the service user to maintain the configuration settings.

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