How to get past Download .NET window w/ LINQPad 7 on Linux and WINE

I'm trying to run LINQPad 7 on Linux using WINE and it gets stuck showing the Download .NET window over and over. That window detects that .NET is installed, but clicking Launch LINQPad (x64) just opens another Download .NET window over top of the first one. It seems like I'm so close, if there were some override to just start LINQPad I could deal with whatever works/doesn't work from there. Has anyone gotten it further than this?

@JoeAlbahari is there a workaround to force loading beyond the Download .NET window? I've used LINQPad since the dawn of time, but at this point it's one of the few things I still boot Windows for.

The result of clicking Launch LINQPad 2 times:


  • Is there anything in %localappdata%\LINQPad\logs.LINQPad7\startup.txt?

    Also note that you may run into other issues - last time I checked, LINQPad didn't work well over WINE.

  • Ah, thank you Mr. Albahari for helping me get over that first issue. I don't expect further support for this unsupported platform.

    The startup.txt log showed it checking a Linux path for the .NET install:

    2023-05-18 09:28:24 PromptForFxInstall: Directory '/usr/share/dotnet\shared\Microsoft.WindowsDesktop.App' does not exist.
    Target DLL: C:\Program Files\LINQPad7\LINQPad.GUI.dll
    DOTNET_ROOT environment variable detected: /usr/share/dotnet

    I set DOTNET_ROOT in my Wine config to C:\Program Files\dotnet, and it now fails to start with another error:

    The hostfxr.dll file does exist.The startup log (below) doesn't say much more about the cause.

    I have not yet investigated further.

  • This indicates that the LoadLibraryW function is failing. I don't think it's worth spending time on this because even if you manage to get LINQPad to launch under WINE, it's likely to crash after a few minutes of use. Also, a lot of features just don't work. I went down this path a couple of years or so ago, hoping to make LINQPad WINE-friendly, but there were too many blocking issues.

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