What is required for an activation to persist on non-persistent Citrix VDI

My team is fully remote, but we have on-site hardware for doing certain development work. Our network team is pushing for us to switch from physical machines to a virtual machine through our Citrix system. Unlike a traditional VM that persists between reboots, the VDI device resets back to its master image on a set maintenance schedule. I understand that LINQPad activation is handled through some form of hardware fingerprinting, and the software must occasionally send the current fingerprint data to the activation server in order to keep the activation. There's also mention of how generally if hardware doesn't change, reactivation shouldn't be required.

But that's not much to go on. Assuming the hardware of the host machine is unchanged, and we are able to use the same name on the VM between resets, would that be enough to prevent us chewing through our activations? The preferred schedule for resetting to the master image is every couple of weeks, so our team of 3 devs would be through our activations within a few months.

Also, would making virtual hardware changes like increasing memory, or core count result in a need for reactivation?


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    If the hardware and machine name doesn't change, resetting the image won't be a problem - you can keep re-activating indefinitely. Obviously, it will be most convenient if you are able to activate LINQPad before creating the image.

    If the CPU or motherboard changes, it will use another activation/transfer, although it's unlikely that you're run out of transfers because there are various systems to help prevent that in VM environments. If you do run into any trouble, please contact customer service - your license can be reset and also tweaked to work better in your particular VM environment.

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