Cannot start LINQPad 7 - "Download .NET" screen keeps duplicating

For a couple of weeks (not sure if it's related to the new version or something else), when starting LINQPad I'm presented with "Download .NET" screen. I have .NET 7 runtime installed. When I click "Launch LINQPad (x64)" button there, another copy of "Download .NET" window is launched, if I click on the Launch button again, another copy of that window created.

What can I do to fix it?


  • Is there any info in %localappdata%\LINQPad\logs.LINQPad7\startup.txt ?

  • edited June 2023

    Thanks, Joe,

    I checked the startup.txt file and found that I had DOTNET_ROOT environment variable that was pointing to .NET 8 preview SDK:
    DOTNET_ROOT environment variable detected: C:\Users\username\scoop\apps\dotnet-sdk-preview\current
    After I uninstall the preview (or removed the variable) the LINQPad successfully started.

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