Collection totals number format

When dumping a collection with more than 2 rows in which one of the objects has a numeric value, LINQPad shows the sum for that given column. By default there is no formatting applied, just the plain number. It'd be very nice to be able to configure this in the settings, much in the way we can currently define DateTime formating.


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    Are you referring to the numeric formatting settings in Tools | Options?

    With the thousands formatting option selected, the following query formats totals correctly:

    Can you provide a step-by-step repro?

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    I see. I noticed formatting options are only implemented in LINQPad 7 and I'm using LINQPad 5 as I need it for compatibility. Any chance to add this option to version 5? The horizontal scrolling with Shift + Mouse Wheel in the results window you added to V7 would be nice too in V5 :) thanks for that btw.

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    Horizontal scrolling for the editor and the results panel will be in the next LINQPad 5 build. The new numeric formatting options are unlikely to make it.

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