linqpad.gui.dll is flagged as virus by corporate AV

Hi - when you startup the program, you make a new C:\%userprofile%\appdata\linqpad\update.anycpu folder with your update and the Linqpad.GUI.dll. You do this with a different hash or something so that corporate antivirus flags that dll as virus and as a result Linqpad won't start (the file gets quarantined).

I have made an exception to this file and disabled auto update for time being but this has to get fixed since most of us use linqpad well for work at a corp setting.


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    This folder is created when a newer version of LINQPad is downloaded via the automatic update mechanism. The file hash is that of the latest version, and changes only when there is an update. If you have an antivirus system that works via a whitelist, you will need to disable or defer automatic updates via the option in Edit | Preferences.

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