How to reset the Find-and-Replace dialog position? It opens off-screen and I can't find it

edited July 2023

Somehow, my Linqpad 7's Find-and-Replace dialog opens somewhere offscreen, as it's a modal-dialog there's little I can do besides press Esc to dismiss it, but I can't use it to find-and-replace things.

  • How can I reset the location/coordinates where the find-and-replace popup dialog appears?
  • How can I move the dialog box (without needing to reset/restart/etc LinqPad) when it's open but invisible/offscreen/taunting me? I tried Ctrl+Space but no menu appeared on-screen...

I tried to find it with Spy++ but none of the windows it listed were matches...


  • Ah, I found the problem:

    So, for the past few days, for some reason, Linqpad is Always-on-Top, and that includes Linqpad's Find-and-Replace dialog: Linqpad's main window was actually on-top of the F+R dialog, even though the F+R dialog was modal and had focus.

    Is Linqpad 7's recent always-on-top behaviour a known bug? I can't help but think the WebView2-based Results pane might be involved...

  • I've not received any other reports. Let me know if you can work out a sequence to reproduce it.

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