How to run only one xUnit test in linqpad

edited July 2023

Hi -

Is there a way to only run one test in linqpad instead of all? Does not seem like dotnet test --filter can work in linqpad. Wondering if there is an attribute or something that can be used instead of commenting out tests. Thanks.


  • If the test is defined at the top level, you can highlight the individual method and press F5 to run just that method:

    #load "xunit"
    void Main()
    [Fact] public void Test_ShouldSucceed() => Assert.True (1 + 1 == 2);
    [Fact] public void Test_ShouldFail()    => Assert.True (1 + 1 == 3);
  • Another solution is to open the xunit query and modify the RunTests method as follows:

    /// <summary>Runs all xunit tests and displays the results. To run a single test, call RunTest() instead. This method is editable in the 'xunit' query.</summary>
    static TestResultSummary[] RunTests (bool quietly = false, bool reportFailuresOnly = false, Func<Xunit.Abstractions.ITestCase, bool> filter = null)
        using var runner = Xunit.Runners.AssemblyRunner.WithoutAppDomain (typeof (UserQuery).Assembly.Location);
        if (filter != null) runner.TestCaseFilter = filter;

    Also add the following method:

    static TestResultSummary[] RunTest (string methodName, bool quietly = false, bool reportFailuresOnly = false)
        => RunTests (quietly, reportFailuresOnly, c => c.TestMethod.Method.Name == methodName);
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