Connect with Azure SQL using "Authentication=ActiveDirectoryInteractive"

I'm having trouble getting the "Entity Framework Core (multi-provider)" data context to work well in LINQPad 7 when using the "Azure Active Directory - Universal with MFA" authentication mode.

If I use a LINQ to SQL connection using the built-in LINQPad driver, it all seems to work fine. I've been using the LINQ to SQL mode for years and have no complaint, but I wanted to try moving to the native EF Core support so that I can stay in one dialect all the time. When I try the built-in support for EF Core, I get prompted to choose my account every single time I run a query, though.

I was able to use a typed dataset from my project, but I switch branches frequently, and I'm not always in a stable state. I thought that the option to automatically build the data context sounded like a good idea since it would isolate LINQPad from the frequent changes to my dll.

Am I missing something simple here?


  • LINQPad's LINQ-to-SQL driver has a special - and somewhat complex - mechanism for handling MFA that ensures that the token is cached by the host rather than the query or driver process. This mechanism hasn't as yet been integrated into the EF Core driver. This might happen in the future if there's demand.

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