Install LINQPad only for one user

LINQPad's installer picks by default the path C:\Program Files\LINQPad7. If I change it durigng the installation to be a user profile location like %LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\LINQPad7 will the updater honor this customization and install updates there too?


  • I think I can answer my own question. The installer will reuse the path, BUT it's a system-wide path and not a user path. I tried to install LINQPad under a different user and it failed to start because the installation folder is under a different account.

    Why doesn't it install as a local-user app but a system app? :/

  • The installer doesn't have a local-user app option. Have you considered using the xcopy-deploy version instead? The xcopy-deploy version also supports automatic updates.

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