QueryCancelToken from F# Program


  • This feature isn't supported from F#. QueryCancelToken in C# is implemented as an instance member, and in F# the query ends up in a static method.

  • Got a workaround here then ?

    The below is a bit of test code to show what I'm trying to achieve. Copy-Paste straight into LP to run.
    I want to be able to soft stop the query or if an error happens on a background thread also stop the query, and show the exception.
    If a background thread throws (after 5sec in the example) then all is ok.
    If I soft stop before 5 seconds. The awaiter remains and I get weird behaviour on next run.
    I did think that if I could incorporate the QueryCancelToken that would help kill the awaiter on a soft close. But if that is a non option in F# Program then can you see another way ?

    open System.Threading.Tasks

    let tcs = TaskCompletionSource()
    Task.Run(fun () -> //mimicking some background work on a thread I dont control
    Thread.Sleep(5000) //arbitary delay for the purposes of this excersise
    tcs.SetException(InvalidCastException()) //an exception has been caught so lets give it to the tcs
    task {
    let d = Util.KeepRunning(true) //keep the query running to make the soft stop available
    do! tcs.Task //wait for any background thread to throw (or complete normally)
    with e ->
    d.Dispose() //background thread threw, so dispose of soft close and end the query
    raise e //re throw the error so LP shows it in the Results

  • If you set Util.NewProcess to true, it should prevent any residue from effecting subsequent runs.

  • Did think about that, but that also kills all state between executions. Will have to work with that for now.

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