Controlling included assets from a package reference

Hi. I need to specify IncludeAssets="build;compile" on one of my nuget package references. The DLL is resolved dynamically at runtime. Is this possible in LINQPad?


  • LINQPad doesn't use MSBuild and so ignores .props files and the build folder.

  • So is it not possible to achieve what I'm after? I can see in the assembly load context there is something called a 'ProbingSet' that has a link to the package version of the DLL. What is the 'ProbingSet', and can I manipulate it myself? I want a specific version of the DLL to be loaded (using an assembly resolver function) which lives in the installation directory of the application I'm trying to work with.

  • You can handle assembly resolution yourself as follows:

    void Main()
    // LINQPad automatically calls the OnInit() method exactly once after the process has been created.
    void OnInit()
        Util.AssemblyLoadContext.Resolving += (sender, args) =>
            if (string.Equals (args.Name, "foo", StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase))
                return Util.AssemblyLoadContext.LoadFromAssemblyPath (".....");
            return null;
        Util.AssemblyLoadContext.ResolvingUnmanagedDll += (sender, args) => ...

    The Resolving event fires after the default assembly resolution has failed. It will only fire, however, as a result of the runtime trying to resolve an assembly, or a call to an assembly loading method that loads an assembly by name. If you have code that attempts to load an assembly from a specific path, and that path doesn't exist, that call will still throw.

    Another workaround is to publish a separate convention-based NuGet package for the benefit of LINQPad and other similar tools, with the assemblies in the expected places:


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