Azure SQL & Azure MFA with PIN-protected YubiKey not working

Linqpad 7 v7.7.15 (x64)
I am trying to add a connection (or reauthenticate) a connection to Azure SQL, with an Azure MFA protected account.
If I use the flow with an authenticator app, everything works fine. However, if I try to use the flow with a PIN-protected Yubikey, when the PIN input dialog should have been shown, the pop-up authentication window simply hangs indefinitely, greyed out with dots rolling across the top.

Has anyone gotten this to work?

Azure SQL Connection:

The pop-up dialog, which hangs when "Windows Hello or Security Key" is clicked:


  • Further investigation indicates the underlying issue is the use of IE rendering engine (IE WebView), which cannot prompt for the PIN. At least i can repro it in a basic WinForms/WebView app. So I guess it will not work until Linqpad or the library used to pop up the authentication dialog moves to WebView2 or similar.

  • A WebView2 upgrade for the MSAL libraries has been in the pipeline for a while and has been completed for LINQPad 8. A beta should be out within a few weeks - hopefully this should resolve your issue.

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