Set results window default size and position


Is there a way to control the monitor and position of the results window when undocked?

I have two monitors and usually have LINQPad(5/7) snapped to the right-hand half of the right-hand monitor. When undocking, I almost always want the window to fill the left-hand half of the the same right-hand monitor, and so I end up manually resizing and moving the window from the default left-hand monitor every time.

My ideal would be to be able to position the results window and then have a button available in that window to set the current size and position as the default for that monitor setup. (ie there might be different configs for 1,2,3... monitors).

For the cherry on top, being able to set this at both app and query (override) levels would be helpful too as I have many queries that work in conjunction with other open apps.

Is anything to set the default position currently? I don't think so but I thought I'd check / register interest.

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