Dump() sorting alpha by default?

I've been using LINQPad for years and wasn't aware that Dump() had the ability to sort columns alphabetically.

Suddenly today my copy of LINQPad 6 v 6.15.12 (x64) suddenly did so for a call to Dump() with no parameters. When I looked into it I discovered the alpha parameter declared as bool? alpha = null so I could revert to normal unsorted behaviour with Dump(alpha:false). But I found it odd that sorted had become the default behaviour.


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    Are you sure you haven't gone into Edit/Preferences/Results/Column Ordering and ticked Alphabetical ?

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    I hadn't, but see it was set to Alphabetical for external types which must be the default. The type came from a DLL I referenced so now I know why it returned them sorted. I thought I'd used external types before and not noticed that, but perhaps not.

    Anyway thanks for pointing that out to me. Now I'm aware that Dump() has numerous parameters I'll go through them and see what they all do. It's funny how you can use just a subset of something for years and not even realise there's more it can do.

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    No, I don't like sort by alpha order by default, because our definition on purpose.

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