LINQPad 5 gets .NET 8 code


I noticed recently that using the _implement _ dropdown helper in LINQPad 5(.48) brings in .NET 8 code. A second part to this, that repros with this scenario, is that the injected using get's added to the bottom of the file instead of in the background.

Steps to repro are as follows:

  • Open new query
  • Add Newtonsoft.Json package (currently 13.0.3)
  • Add using for Newtonsoft.Json
  • Add class and inherit from JsonConverter
  • Hit context menu on class and implement members
  • Observe NullableAttributes and using at bottom of file

Do let me know if you need any other details.

Best regards


PS The forum editor doesn't appear to be respecting any markdown (at least in preview)


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