Search All Within Open Queries?

I suspect this will actually amount to a feature request, but I'm asking in case I missed something. The title says it all, Is there a way to currently search within open queries?


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    You could use the "Navigate To Query" option to search for a specific query. There's a checkbox to "Search inside queries." There's a filter to filter by recently modified queries, though not by open queries.

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    edited January 29

    It's the open queries I find I need to search most often. I'll clone an existing query to do some one-off type of activity. As a part of that work, I'll create some specific class or method. But when I have several queries open, going back to refer to those creations results in hitting up several queries until I find it.

    Ideally, I'd like to see another checkbox on the Search All Queries & Samples dialog withing the Look in groupbox for "Open Queries".

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    If this is a feature request, I would vote for it.

    I had the same problem and wrote a script to search inside the .autosave files and as the open queries are very quickly saved to the .autosave folder, this is virtually the same as searching the open files.

    However, it is very much a hack and uses undocumented and internal linqpad features and hence is liable to break with a linqpad update. However the biggest issue with it is that I can not find a way to switch to a open query if it has never been saved before and I can't open it in a new query either. So at the moment I just provide a link to open it in notepad - which at least allows me to see and copy the contents.

    If you are interested I have uploaded it to https://share.linqpad.net/hf5kpu3o.linq

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    Would it help if the Activate Window dialog (Alt+W) had
    (1) a search textbox ("Seach Terms"), and
    (2) a checkbox to search the query text as well as the name ("Search inside queries")?

    It might also be possible to add a preview window showing the matches in the selected item.

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    Maybe, but it's a modal dialog. I'd personally rather see results presented similar to the existing search all functionality. I believe the context shown in those matches would be the same for the matches you'd present in the Activate Window dialog. The difference being I can go back to the search results and open another result without having to specify the search again.

    Now, if the Activate Window was modified to be an overlay where it stays up until dismissed (like the Find dialog for the Results pane), it would be more helpful when looking at and evaluating which search result I want to use.

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