Entra Login field remains after switching from SQL Azure to SQL Server - LINQPad Beta 8.2.2

Hi Joe:

I noticed one small thing in the Add Connection dialog in latest LINQPad Beta (8.2.2).
If you select SQL Azure, populate your Entra login details and switch back to SQL Server, the "Login (user@domain)" field remains visible on the form.

Steps to replicate
1. Add Connection;
2. Choose "LINQ to SQL" Data Context;
3. Select the "SQL Azure" provider;
4. Select "Entra (Active Directory) - Universal with MFA support (interactive)";
5. Populate the "Login (user@domain)" field, and
6. Select the "SQL Server" provider and observe the Log on details field set.

See GIF recording:

Please disregard if this isn't a genuine bug or I have duplicated a discussion elsewhere.



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