LINQPad 8.1.6: Unable to copy&paste from Excel export

I believe there is a bug in LINQPad 8 (I'm running v. 8.1.6):

  1. Dump() data from LINQPad.
  2. Open the resulting table in Excel.
  3. Select and copy cells from a single column.
  4. Open another Excel workbook, click a single cell and try to paste.
  5. Excel displays the following error message:

I've been using LINQPad for years and this has never been an issue before.
According to Google, this could be an issue when you select different ranges for copying and pasting, but I'm just selecting a couple of rows from a single column and trying to paste into another workbook.

Interestingly, when I save the LINQPad export as an .xlsx file and reopen it (this is critical), it works just fine.
It also works if I paste the data into e.g. Notepad first and then copy from there.


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